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Content Generator

Phil Yale owns and operates Proforma Legacy, a branded merchandise company. The 15-year small business owner spent the previous 13 years coaching over 500 United States and Canadian small businesses. Some of them failed; others made the Inc. 5000 list.

The real-world lessons learned during his lengthy business career serve as his message’s foundation.

Phil resonates specifically with small business owners who don’t have that “entrepreneurial DNA”.

His message is not money motivated (no speaker fees); rather, it is his mission to help small business owners become significant in their supply chain and ultimately deliver good to their community.


Content Distributor

April is the architect of website, manages the distribution QuickTakes for LinkedIn and the Facebook group.

April is owner/operator of Sinclair Designs. She has been providing graphic design and Phil’s technology tutoring (seriously)

since 2001.

You can reach April at


Content Guru

Speaks softly/wields a bold pen! Jaime takes Phil’s divergent, zany and often lengthy messages and makes them readable and relevant. Jaime is owner/operator of Clearly Conveyed Communications.


For she contributes copy writing, editing and overall communication strategy. Learn more about how Jaime can help you at


Content Voice

Kina reviews the content with the charge of making sure the messages truly reflect who Phil is and what he believes. Call it being authentic or just being real... her role cannot be overstated.  


Kina is owner/operator Recycled Originals. She has been repurposing materials headed to the dumpster for over ten years.  To see her product line check out

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