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Bettering Our World by Delivering GoodSM is not about making money. It’s about making a positive difference in our world by encouraging others to make a positive impact in their communities.

Tapping into the infinite power and resources of small business owners who are motivated to make a difference is critical to this mission. One way I’m doing that is sharing the power of 'being significant' in their supply chain.


This message can occur in individual discussions, small group settings, and public events.

I’m offering this message for free, so I can reach as many small business owners as possible. The only exception might be some reimbursement for travel expenses, if necessary.

However, there are situations where speaker fees are required or some individuals or organizations may feel compelled to contribute to this mission. In those cases, we offer two options.

Let’s work together to Better Our World by Delivering GoodSM.



Westlake, Ohio

Donate to the Community West Foundation. This organization offers a collaborative approach to serving the needs of western Cuyahoga County. Its mission is to advance the health and well-being of the community, specifically the basic needs offood, shelter and clothing. Service organizations receiving funding from the foundation include those that serve the needs  of single parents, domestic violence victims and the homeless. These causes were important to Debbie, my wife who passed away in 2016, and the inspiration for my mission.

Learn more about donating to the Community West Foundation. Thank you in advance for supporting this tremendous organization.

Donate to the charity of your choice. Bettering our World starts with improving one community at a time. If there is a cause of specific interest to you, then I’d be honored for you to contribute toward that cause in lieu of paying to hear my message.

Contact Me  |  Tel: 440-899-8891

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