PhilTake #19 - The Power of Premise, Part 4

Every business has six critical elements called Morphemes. In the last two PhilTakes, we discussed Coca-Cola’s Coca-Cola’s 1985 failed New Coke product launch. Let’s leverage that discussion.

New Coke was a competitive response to rival Pepsi’s increased sales and market share. Coke’s response was not aligned with its premise or brand. However, Chick-fil-A did align its response to a fast-growing competitor (at the time), Boston Market. Internal Chick-fil-A conversations focused on responding with the company’s own aggressive growth plans.

According to post by Mark Rowling, “After a great deal of discussion, (Chick-fil-A founder) Mr. Cathy started banging on the table with his fist and said, “Gentlemen, I am tired of hearing you talk about how we need to get bigger. If we get better at what we do, our customers will demand that we get bigger.”

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