PhilTake #26 - The Sidelines

Every business has six critical elements called Morphemes. Morpheme #1 is The Premise (covered in PhilTakes #16-20). Morpheme #2 - The Promise (PhilTakes #21-25). Morpheme #3 –The Sidelines – refers to limitations external forces put on your business.

Visually, this concept is easy to understand. A football field has sidelines on both sides of the playing surface, and the game is played within these boundaries. Step off the field, and the play is over.

Limitations are rules, laws, regulations, contracts, agreements, taxes, etc. These prohibit or restrict the business from engaging in activities outside certain parameters.

Of course, not all these limitations are warranted. Every business leader can point out one or a dozen that put unnecessary burdens on their business. However, most limitations are warranted. If you want to stay in the game, play between the sidelines.

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