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PhilTake #29 - The Sidelines, Part 4

Every business has six critical elements called Morphemes. Morpheme #1 is The Premise (covered in PhilTakes #16-20). Morpheme #2 is The Promise (PhilTakes #21-25). PhilTakes #27-28 introduced Morpheme #3, The Sidelines, and highlighted high profile examples of companies stepping outside these limitations that external forces put on your business.

In hindsight, executives of both companies probably regret their decisions. It’s too late for them, but it isn’t for you. Every business leader makes decisions, and these decisions encounter sidelines. Sometimes it’s easy to just ignore the sidelines, because you might see them as a hindrance, or costly, or maybe just inconvenient.

As executives from Volkswagen and Peanut Corporation of America will attest, the long-term effects of crossing sidelines outweigh any short-term gain.

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