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PhilTake #39 - The Guidelines, Part 9

Every business has six critical elements called Morphemes. Morpheme #1 is the Premise (covered in PhilTakes #16-20). Morpheme #2 is the Promise (covered in PhilTakes #21-25). In PhilTakes #26-38, we discussed Morpheme #3; Sidelines --restrictions or limitations put on the organization by external forces.

When a small business steps outside the Sidelines, the implications are devastating. The impact on relationships, families, and others affiliated with the organization is severe, and its impact can be felt for generations.

There are two ways to minimize the probability of crossing the Sidelines.

Make sure there is a trusted moral compass for your organization. It doesn’t have to be an employee, but you need a sounding board for key decisions.

Operate the organization the right way from the start. Guide all decisions and actions with the meaningful elements: Premises, Promises, Sidelines and Guidelines.

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