PhilTake #43 - The Guidelines

Every business has six critical elements called Morphemes. Morpheme #1 is the Premise (covered in PhilTakes #16-20). Morpheme #2 is the Promise (covered in PhilTakes #21-25). Morpheme #3 is Sidelines (covered in PhilTakes #26-31). Morpheme #4, Guidelines (introduced in PhilTake #40), refers to internal restrictions or limitations that define how a company behaves.

Zappos sells a lot of shoes. In a crowded, deeply competitive marketplace, how did the company go from a 1999 startup to $97 million in operating profit in 2015? A company culture that’s grounded in customer and employee happiness.

Per CEO Tony Hsieh:

“We’ve formalized the definition of our culture into 10 core values. Basically, what we’re looking for are peoples whose personal values match our corporate values. They’re just naturally living the brand. Wherever they are whether they’re in the office or off the clock.”

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