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PhilTake #45 - The Guidelines

Every business has six critical elements called Morphemes. Morpheme #1 is the Premise (covered in PhilTakes #16-20). Morpheme #2 is the Promise (covered in PhilTakes #21-25). Morpheme #3 is Sidelines (covered in PhilTakes #26-31). Morpheme #4, Guidelines (introduced in PhilTake #40), refers to internal restrictions or limitations that define how a company behaves.

In PhilTake #44, we introduced conviction, which Merriam-Webster defines as a strong persuasion or belief. Let’s add to that – a strong persuasion or belief that is acted on.

For 13 years, I was an executive at Proforma. The franchisor’s mission statement included the phrase “make our franchise Owners’ dreams come true.”

All employees knew their primary objective was to help the franchise Owners. Because of this intense focus, the company experienced annual increases in total sales, average unit sales and franchise locations during my tenure.

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