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Business-to-Business Communication

Few business owners like to talk about day-to-day decisions or details, let alone deal with them. Instead, we prefer to talk about the big picture, the new idea, the next brilliant strategy. Yet it’s the small details, when overlooked, that lead to a business’ demise.

For a sit-down restaurant, one crucial detail is a clean dining room. Recently I walked into a nationally branded restaurant and was shown to my table, one of the few clean ones within view. All around me, food and dirty dishes covered tables while trash littered the floor. I won’t go back.

In the business-to-business world, one important detail is acknowledging an inbound communication. Fellow business professionals need to know their message was received, and the specific steps taken (or that will be taken) in response to their request.

This is so important that I measure myself every day. Did I respond to every customer or prospect's inbound request within 24 business hours? I believe if I consistently meet this standard, my business will thrive. If I don’t, it won’t. That’s a powerful incentive!

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