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Listening to the Customer

What you sell isn’t important: what customers buy is.

A business owner is responsible for sales, especially one with few or no employees. While selling is usually viewed as pitching your company’s products and services, that’s only one approach.

Here’s another – listening. Listen to what your customers want or need and understand what the marketplace is buying. Then, show how you can fulfill their wants or needs.

When you start with what the customer’s already doing, you increase the likelihood they see value in what you offer. Why? You’re able to discuss your offerings in their terms, specific to their situation. It becomes less about you and more about them.

My experience is in business-to-business with lots of direct communication. I could share what I’ve done for other customers, my brand management expertise or my expansive product line and warehouse/distribution capabilities. However, that information is most helpful after I have a better idea of what the customer is already doing, which only happens when they’re talking and I’m listening.

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