Owning or leading a business is challenging, especially when times are tough. I know. My business has survived some difficult situations and seasons.

These two approaches have helped me propel my business forward when it seemed destined to fail.

1). Keep moving – a simple concept that’s critical to survival. As a child, my dad shared with me that “idle time is the devil’s workshop.” When I was idle, negative thoughts flooded my brain, but physical activity generated positive ideas and energy. The circumstances didn’t improve, but my outlook and perspective did. I’ve carried this approach into adulthood, which has helped me – and my business – persevere.

2). Help someone – the most profound lesson I’ve learned. The times when I’ve most needed help in life, I was most inclined to help others. Whether it was donating clothing and supplies to organizations serving the homeless or domestic violence victims or simply helping a friend, the feel-good feeling from helping others yielded additional fuel and energy for overcoming my situations.

What techniques or approaches have you used?

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