Your Viewpoint

Every business owner has a viewpoint, and here’s why I share mine. Social and mainstream media is inundated with business-related information, which mostly comes from two groups.

1. Natural entrepreneurs were born to own a business, evidenced by their childhood lemonade stands, newspaper routes or lawn-mowing businesses.

2. Business professionals are well educated, usually holding MBAs, and articulate. They use their systematic thought processes to provide valuable insights.

While their perspectives are insightful, they don’t often apply to most small business owners, like you and me, who never planned to own a business. We’re different than natural entrepreneurs, who are hard-wired to take incredible risks and actions that we can’t and won’t pursue, and business professionals who focus on larger companies with substantial resources. A small business owner might agonize over a $100 expenditure, which MBAers don’t understand, but I do.

I don’t dismiss their viewpoints. Instead, I incorporate any relevant information along with my own experiences in ways more relatable to owners and leaders of smaller enterprises.

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