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There is no I in TEAM.

There is no I in TEAM.

A recent google search using this popular phrase returned 118,000,000 results.

There may not be an I in TEAM, but there is in BUSINESS. I is right in the middle of the word. I makes the word. Without it, we are left with BUSNESS, which doesn’t make sense.

Every business owner knows I -- meaning you, meaning me – make the business. The I explains why and how each business is unique. No two are the same, even franchises. Why? Because every business has an I.

The I represents the passion, dedication, and sacrifice required to launch a business. To drive a business from inception thru survival to significance and ultimately succession.

In sixteen years as a business owner, I’ve lost track of how often I’ve been told, “don’t take it personally; it’s just business.”

That’s true; it is business. It’s my business, and I do take it personally.

There is no we in team, there is an I in business.

I am the I.

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