My Story

What’s my story?

More importantly, what does my story have to do with your story?

It’s all about making a positive impact through significance.

This thing about significance came from incredible conversations I had with Debbie, my wife and business partner, in early 2016. We were at a transition point, both personally (both in our 60’s) and professionally (business celebrating 15 years).

Our business was in a good place, which was a far cry from earlier years when we struggled to stay afloat. Somehow, we survived those years by putting everything we had into the business. This meant no vacations, no home improvements, no extras; If you own a business, you understand.

After 15 years, we reached a point where we able to meet all our obligations and have a little left over to do something for ourselves. What would that something be?

We talked about taking a vacation for the first time in 15 years, or making improvements to our home for the first time in two decades. After years of doing everything for the business, it was time for the business to do something for us. That was my thinking, but my wife had other thoughts.

What she enjoyed the most about our business was how it helped others. Even in our darkest hours, we found ways to donate clothing and other goods to organizations helping victims of domestic violence and the homeless.

We also support fellow local businesses. We’re in the branded merchandise business, but we don’t own any production equipment. So, we rely on companies with that equipment to handle our production – correctly, on time and on budget. At her urging, we sought out local, family-owned businesses to partner with and benefit from our orders.

In both cases, we felt what we were doing was significant, and that significance represented our next chapter.

How could we make our business more significant?

For months, I spent my early morning hours researching companies to find the best model for our business. I listened to podcasts and interviews featuring entrepreneurs and business professionals discussing what worked for them and what didn’t. I learned what drove some companies to succeed while others failed.

Eventually, I became frustrated. I just wasn’t seeing a model for our business. One night I shared my frustration with Debbie, and she replied, “then create it.”

So, I created a model for our unique business that applies to other unique businesses. When I shared my model with Debbie, she loved it and encouraged me to share it with others.

A few months later, she died.

In the mental and emotional haze surrounding her death, one thought kept coming back to me. “You need to share this with others.” As time passed, I realized what she wanted me to share was not the model itself, but the message.

We can all make a positive difference in the lives of others. This belief led me to coin the phrase: Bettering Our World By Delivering Good™.

Every person can make a difference, especially business owners and leaders, who are able to exponentially increase their impact with a strong, sustainable business.

So, here’s my story: I am on a mission to encourage others to be significant. My message is applicable to business owners, because I have a visual model that can help their unique businesses be better. The better the business, the greater the positive impact.

This is where my story becomes your story – how your business can positively impact others by being significant.

Are you ready to be significant?

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