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Stay In Your Own Lane.

I was driving down a four-lane road when the car to my right veered into my lane. I honked, and the driver swerved back to the right, nearly off the road. As I was making a pass, I saw the distracted driver staring at his phone.

Sometimes I feel that way with my business. There are a growing number of ways to run a business, which is both good and bad news for business owners.

It can be tempting (and easy) to do things other than the basic tasks critical to your business. Before you know it, you become distracted.

I know better. I know a business operates best when it stays inside the lane you’ve chosen. For my business, that means staying true to our Premise (the marketplace behavior my company addresses) and the Promise (my company’s performance addressing that behavior).

When we do that, we avoid swerving back and forth, going off the road – or even worse – having a head-on collision with a lethal business event.

How do you stay in your lane?

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