Now That’s a Sweet Tune.

“There is no way.”

During some tough times, I’ll admit I uttered these words. “There is no way” we’re going to make it. To survive. To get through this.

Yet, somehow, someway, we survived and even thrived.

How? Divine intervention, hard work, a supportive spouse, desperation, luck, good fortune, perseverance – and listening to music.

During stressful times, I tune in to a specific playlist^ to combat the negative, counterproductive thoughts in my head and express my frustration. You might think it’s ridiculous and irrational for a business professional with 40 years of experience to rely on music to get through the tough times.

You’re probably right.

But I didn’t rely on the music; I used it to help me do the most important thing – keep moving. Take one more step, make one more contact, deal with one more problem, face one more obstacle, defeat one more enemy, survive for one more day.

Now that’s a sweet tune.

As a business owner, what music fuels you?

^p.s. Wondering about my playlist? Here it is: What’s Up (Four Non-Blondes), No Surrender (Bruce Springsteen), If You’re Going Through Hell (Rodney Atkins), A Wall I Must Climb (Michael McDermott), The Wall (Kansas), Badlands (Bruce Springsteen), Roll With the Changes (REO Speedwagon), Amazing Grace (LeAnn Rimes).

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