36 days without posting. What happened?

​Facebook reminded me I hadn’t posted in 36 days.

What happened?

In mid-December, I was working with my copywriter on content for my eBook, scheduled for release on January 31st. It was a priority, so that’s where I allocated my time.

Then, I had a heart attack on Christmas Day, and my priorities changed immediately. When I wasn’t resting (per doctor’s orders), I focused on my branded merchandise business.

What does this have to do with you?

First, I’m lucky. Prior to my heart attack, I felt exhausted and experienced shortness of breath. As a business owner aggressively pushing to finish 2017 strong, I rationalized these symptoms as the price of working hard.

My suspicion is one of you may feel the same way. If you do, go see a doctor. As important as your daily responsibilities are, you’re far more important.

Second, this episode has forced me to reevaluate my business, especially what I can delegate to others. Do you take on too much and lose your focus? Stay tuned for future insights on this topic.

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