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Your business needs you.

The doctor told me I had a minor heart attack.

No stints or surgery required. I was fortunate.

We all know others that weren’t so lucky, who required surgery, or even worse, died.

It’s been three months since I published a PhilTake. New ones are in the cue ready to be posted, but before we get back to business, let me share this.

If you’re exhausted and have no energy (which were my symptoms – no chest or shoulder pain), please don’t ignore your body saying, “Hey, something isn’t right here.”

As business owners and leaders, we take considerable care of our business assets – with one noticeable exception: ourselves.

I’m living proof.

I ignored what my body was telling me, but my daughter didn’t. She sent her husband to escort me to the hospital to get checked out, and I’m glad she did.

If you, or someone you know, is not feeling right, please get checked out – today.

Your business needs you.

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