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It’s time for me and my business to get off the train.

The popular song City of New Orleans describes train travel, a dying mode of transportation in 1971.

The lyrics are a metaphor for change: everything has its heyday, declines and is replaced by something bigger, better and faster.

This holds true to businesses too, including my own.

The business world is different than when I launched my business in 2001 and has changed drastically since I started my career 40 years ago.

My first job was as an outside sales rep for the largest business forms company in the world. Sales orders were sent to the plant via teletype or mail, and copies were made via mimeograph. There was no internet – and of course no mobile phones.

Yet, as I look at my business’ current processes, they look a lot like the processes I learned four decades ago.

The world has moved on while I still use these legacy systems. I know there are better ways, but it’s easier to stick with what I know.

The first step to making a change is recognition; then, acceptance and, finally, action.

It’s time for me and my business to get off the train.

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