The impact of your business.

Runners run.

Walkers walk.

Writers write, and singers sing.

Mothers, well, mother.

Business owners own – and a whole lot more.

Sure, we’re caretakers and stewards of our enterprise, but we also create jobs, provide employment and offer valued services that enrich people’s lives and improve our customers’ businesses. We develop talent, impact communities and support essential causes.

The fact that we own a business is not the most important part; what we do with that ownership is.

We all know that. And yet, I confess, I often sell myself short too.

When people ask, I tell them I own and operate a branded merchandise business. While true, it’s only a fraction of what I do. Yet, I fail to share enough of the impact my business has, on my customers, my supply chain and my community.

How do you share the impact that you and your business have?

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