A Paradox of Business Ownership

I am not a handyman, let alone a master carpenter. I do have one thing in common with a craftsman though: how I view results.

A master carpenter is never satisfied with the finished product, no matter how beautiful it appears or how much praise it earns. Carpenters are constantly reminded of that one blemish or that one mistake they had to fix. No one else even knows it’s there, but any misstep tarnishes a craftsman’s high standards.

I feel the same way about my business. While others see the successful results, either on individual projects or overall, I’m constantly reminded of what went wrong, what mistakes could have been avoided and what could be handled better the next time.

This situation represents a paradox of business ownership.

Do we celebrate our achievements or only focus on what needs improvement? We say we do both, but is that true?

The reality is few business owners take time to celebrate their victories (large and small), their achievements and successes.

Do you?

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