Do you know your business DNA?

You’re made up of cells, and these cells have 23 pairs of chromosomes, which determine your DNA.

Likewise, your business is made up of four elements, which I call morphemes. These elements determine your business DNA.

Premise – the marketplace behavior your business serves

Promise – your business’ behavior serving the Premise

Sidelines –the boundaries outsiders place on your business

Guidelines –the boundaries insiders place on your business

The vitality of every business is directly defined by these elements.

If you understand your business’ market behavior (Premise) and effectively serve the market (Promise), your business is more likely to succeed.

In addition, businesses operating within legal, governmental and financial boundaries (Sidelines) fare better than businesses operating out of bounds.

Finally, businesses with an articulate mission statement, vision and healthy corporate culture (Guidelines) are more resilient and sustainable than those without ones.

Your Premise, Promise, Sidelines and Guidelines make your business unique and guide the decisions and actions of every person in your company.

Do you know your business DNA?

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