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How do you empower your team to Do It Better?

Business has changed a lot over the last 40 years.

At my first job in 1978, management assigned tasks with the underlying tone, Better Do It. I knew my responsibility was to complete the task or else.

Forty years later, that tone has been replaced with Do It Better. There’s now an expectation tasks will be completed in a better way than before.

This new approach is challenging, because most of us built our businesses from the ground up. At some point, we did the tasks we’re now delegating.

It’s tempting to expect tasks to be done like we did them, but that’s not effective. Ideally, we have team members with skill sets and talents we don’t, so it helps the company to empower them to make improvements.

Of course, any changes must be within the Guidelines we set, which show how we want the company to behave. Every team member needs to know and represent these ideals through the actions they take and the improvements they make.

How do you empower your team to Do It Better?

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