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Every Team Needs a 'Code of Honor'

Every significant organization needs a great team. So, how do you build one?

According to author and advisor Blair Singer, “culture, personalities and traits are all important, but if you’re looking for a championship-level team, then you need to create a system that holds people accountable for their actions and for each other.”

Creating a system requires what Singer calls the "Code of Honor," “a set of simple, powerful rules that govern the internal behavior of any team, organization, family and even nation. These rules determine how we behave towards one another. They are what people are willing to stand and defend, and be accountable for.”

I suggest the focal point for these rules be your organization’s Premise (marketplace behavior being served) and Promise (organization’s behavior serving the Premise). Together, they form your organization’s Purpose. Losing sight of your Purpose leads to your organization’s demise.

Team members are more apt to follow, and more importantly, self-enforce rules, if they understand why they're necessary: to fulfill your organization’s Purpose (Premise + Promise).

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