Have you improved your business processes?

I often overlook the power and importance of choice.

People have options where to spend their money. I want them to choose my company and allocate resources accordingly.

This week, I was reminded of other choices that are equally, or even more, important.

I thought we were investing time on our Premise (the marketplace behavior our business serves) and Promise (our behavior serving the Premise), and we were – too much.

While reviewing team member emails, I realized it was taking too much time for us to complete a task. We were working hard and communicating with each other – at a cost of time and money.

Experience taught me business problems occur due to a failure in priority, people or process. Our team is focused on our Premise and Promise, so it isn’t our priorities. I receive compliments from customers on the promptness and detailed communications from our team, so it isn’t our people.

Therefore, it’s a process issue, and I’m responsible for improvement. In a future PhilTake, I’ll share our solution.

Have you improved your business processes? Please share!

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