What guides your business decisions?


Whenever I hear business owners or experts share their success, ideas, systems, etc. and compare them to my business, I think WTF.

Where’s the Fit for my business?

It may work for their company, and even thousands of others, but that doesn’t mean it will work for mine.

In fact, taking that approach to improve your business can have the opposite effect. Things can get worse – much worse.

To avoid that scenario, I ask Where’s the Fit?

Some business owners and operators use business plans, mission statements or vision statements to help guide their decision-making. However, most don’t have or use any of those, so they don’t have a point of reference to help make business decisions.

For my business, I refer to our business Purpose. It’s comprised of our Premise, the market behavior we’re serving, and our Promise, our behavior serving the market.

If there’s a technology, service or product in line with our Purpose, I’m interested. If it’s not, I’m not.

It makes answering the WTF question a lot easier.

What guides your business decisions?

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