Changing to support my business purpose.

In a previous PhilTake, I declared, “it’s time for me and my business to get off the train.” My business needed to change. Change requires recognition, then acceptance, and finally, action.

Recognition was easy, acceptance achievable. But action? That’s where I struggled.

If you’re just joining us, I own and operate a branded merchandise business. We brand nearly anything with your company logo, working with our strategic network of supply partners.

We currently handle 200-300 open projects at once, and sales are 20x higher than our first year in business, but our operations hadn’t changed.

This spring, I committed to update our systems, so here’s what we did:

1). Implemented Trello for project management. This collaborative online platform enables team members to check and update project statuses in real time and eliminates endless communications and delays.

2). Managed the migration collaboratively. I directed our team to find a new system that supports our business purpose and enables us to deliver “On Point, On Time, On Budget” – and they did.

What systems should you change to support your business purpose?

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