How can you let go so you can grow?

Our team is migrating from Google Docs to Trello to manage our open projects. The move was made to help us deliver on our Promise to be On Point, On Time, and On Budget.

Though early in the process, I’m witnessing an unexpected benefit: knowledge sharing. For sixteen years, I operated my business with no employees, completing projects with knowledge stored only in my head. This system doesn’t work well when bringing on employees and shifting responsibilities to them, such as placing orders and confirming production details. Migrating to Trello is forcing me to share more information with my team. Information previously known only to me is now documented, organized and accessible to team members. This system helps them complete current projects and prepares them to handle future projects without my involvement. Any entrepreneur knows it isn’t easy letting go; we like to control all aspects of our business. Migrating to Trello is forcing me to let go of day-to-day tasks, so I can focus on growing the business. How can you let go so you can grow?

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