Guiding Principals

“Philip, now remember, you are responsible for your behavior.”

My mom would share this reminder with me every time I left the house as a kid. I was responsible then and am today–with one critical difference.

As a business owner, I’m also responsible for my company’s behavior.

That behavior is the direct result of the decisions made and actions taken by every member of our team.

I realize I can’t be looking over every decision they make or action they take, so I need to have faith their decisions and actions will meet our standards. (Our refers to our customers and vendors, and me. For your business, it may also include business partners, shareholders and investors.)

Team members must have guidelines to help them make the right decisions. At my business, I rely on two guiding principles:

1) Our business exists to serve.

2) We best serve by being on point, on time, on budget.

What guidelines do you give your team to help them behave appropriately?

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