How do you want your business to be judged?​

I am not Elon Musk, or Bill Gates or Richard Branson. Yet, mainstream business media outlets tell me I should aspire to be these magnates and model my business after theirs. Despite living in an age of uncertainty, I am positive about two things. I certainly don’t want to be like them, and they certainly don’t want to be like me. And that’s okay. They own their own business, like I own mine and you own yours. We all choose how to run our businesses, based on what matters to us the most. I want my business to reflect my values, my dreams and my aspirations. I refuse to let the impact of what I do be judged solely by my annual sales, number of employees or years in service. Instead, I choose to have my business judged on its impact to our customers, suppliers and team, and the communities we serve. How do you want your business to be judged?

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