My Wife Wanted to Be My Customer

My wife asked to become my customer, but she didn’t want any products. She saw how I treated my customers and wanted that same level of attention.

It all boiled down to priorities. For her, family came first, but I usually put the business first.

I believed the business needed all my current attention, but once it stabilized, there would be plenty of time for family in the future.

Fourteen years in, my business had transitioned from surviving to thriving, so my wife and I spent more time together. My favorite memories are the incredible, lengthy conversations we had every night.

While my business survived, my wife did not.

She died two years ago.

In hindsight, I realize I could have balanced business and family time better. The business would have still survived and maybe even thrived sooner.

Unfortunately, there's no reset button to handle things differently, but I did learn a powerful lesson.

Business is important, but not nearly as important as the most important people in our lives.

Who do you need to treat like a customer?

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