If I don't mow, I'll have to bale.

It took me 16 years to hire my first employee. Until then, I used outside resources for anything I didn’t do myself, which was rare.

So, you shouldn't be surprised I mow my own yard. It's a three-hour, unscheduled task, so I tend to procrastinate.

My most common excuse? The weather.

If it’s raining, I’m not mowing. I won't mow if there’s even a chance of rain. Once, I heard my neighbor mowing, so I thought I should mow, too. But the weatherman forecasted a 70% chance of rain, so I decided to wait.

Hold on.

How can my neighbor mow in the rain? I looked out my window and realized it wasn’t raining or even overcast. More importantly, my grass was about to hit baling height, so it was time to mow.

On occasion, I’ve taken this same approach with my business—using selective insights or experts’ opinions to justify waiting to act (unnecessarily).

Sometimes, it takes a potential painful outcome (like baling) or a competitor (my neighbor) to make me stop procrastinating.

What helps you stop procrastinating?

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