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Baby Boomers and Millennials

Baby Boomers are leaving the workforce daily, and Millennials are replacing them.

Some of my fellow Baby Boomer business owners don't like this change and respond by ignoring the new workplace dynamics or whining and complaining.


Millennials are now the largest consumer purchasing group AND an incredible energy force for our businesses!

We Baby Boomers like to recall when we were the emerging economic force. Remember in 1859 (note sarcasm) when Colonel Drake struck “rock oil” in Pennsylvania? Understanding the resource available beneath the surface, Drake unleashed an incredible energy force.

Millennials represent the same opportunity for business owners and leaders. We just need to tap into all the benefits Millennials offer, such as education, creativity, collaboration, and passion.

“OK, but they don’t like to work,” I hear from my fellow Boomers.

In my experience, they do like to work—during business hours. Millennials watched us miss so many of their childhood moments, which we regret now.

They don’t want to make the same mistakes, so this generation strives for a life/work balance, not our version of work/life balance, which was tilted heavily to the work side.

Plus, they like to work differently by collaborating with others who have applicable knowledge and experience to make decisions.

So, what's my point?

Millennials are talented, and they want to contribute. Companies finding ways to unleash this energy will win—big. Companies that don't, won’t.

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