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What's on your playlist?

Business owners are the face of their business. Everybody seems to know you and want something from you. You never seem to be alone, but it can be lonely. We just can't share some thoughts, challenges and emotions with anyone else, so we seek other outlets. Some use meditation, others exercise. I turn to music.

Here are five songs from my playlist: 1). "If You're Going Through Hell" by Rodney Atkins Owning a business is sometimes heaven and other times hell. When it's hell, keep moving.

If you're going through hell Keep on going, don't slow down If you're scared, don't show it You might get out before the devil even knows you're there (Lyrics by Dave Berg, Sam Tate and Annie Tate / © Curb Records, Inc.)

2). "Feeling Good" by Michael Buble Owning a business is sometimes heaven and other times hell. When it's heaven, celebrate!

Stars when ya shine You know how I feel Scent of the pine You know how I feel Freedom is mine And I know how I feel It's a new dawn A new day A new life For me Haaa-I feel good (Songwriters: Leslie Bricusse, Anthony Newley / © T.R.O. INC.)

3). "Badlands" by Bruce Springsteen In music, Bruce Springsteen is "The Boss." In my business, I'm the boss, but too often outsiders think they’re the boss. "The Boss" doesn't like others taking control of his ideas, lyrics or music, and this boss doesn't like outside interference either.

Got a head-on collision, smashin in my guts man. I'm caught in a crossfire that I don't understand. But there's one thing I know for sure girl: I don't give a damn for the same old played out scenes I don't give a damn for just the in-betweens. Honey I want the heart, I want the soul, I want control right now. (Songwriters: BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN / © Downtown Music Publishing)

4). "Working Again" by The Michael Stanley Band

You work hard, but your business still experiences problems. I’ve been there, and the best way to bounce back is to start working again.

Talk to me Just don't talk at me Don't look through me Don't push me to the wall Cause right now, right now There ain't a lot left to lose And from where I sit It just ain't that far a fall But not tonight Tonight I'm gonna try a little harder But come the light I'm gonna be working But not tonight Tonight I'm gonna try a little harder But come the light I'm gonna be Working again... (Lyrics by Michael Stanley / © EMI America Records, Inc.)

5). "Raise A Little Hell" by Trooper If you don't like what you've got, change it.

If you don't like What you got Why don't you change it If your world is all screwed up Rearrange it (Songwriters: BRIAN SMITH, RAYMOND MCGUIRE / © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC)

So, what’s on your playlist?

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