I am a Millennial, but I work hard.

"I’m a Millennial, but I work hard."

This is how a new business owner introduced himself to me after one of my presentations.

"You’re a business owner,” I said. “You have to work hard."

I wish I would have asked, "Why did you introduce yourself that way?”

Here’s my assumption: I’m a Baby Boomer (which is a safe assumption), so he assumed I would assume that he doesn’t work hard, because he’s a Millennial.

I don’t assume that, but assumptions happen too often between generations – especially between my generation and his.

The only relevant assumption is that if you own a business, you must work hard and put in long hours.

Age is irrelevant. You can be 25 or 52 or 85. There’s no generational exception to this rule.

Owning and operating a business is hard (and rewarding) work.

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