Entrepreneurship -- In One Word

In one word, describe what fuels your entrepreneurial journey.

Is it passion? Fear? Success? Money? Freedom? Family? Thrills? Expectations? Frustration?

There isn’t one word, because there isn’t one emotion.

The journey is like riding an endless roller coaster. Some moments we’re climbing to new heights, then suddenly we free fall. We twist to the left and jerk to the right.

Some days fly by as we receive rave reviews from customers and supporters. When everything goes wrong, days last longer than the winter solstice on the North Pole.

We could handle all these gyrations better if we saw them in advance, but our roller coaster ride includes so many journeys into tunnels, where everything is dark. Then, we see light. Is it daylight or an oncoming coaster?

It doesn't matter.

We must keep moving forward. That movement (known as “the grind”) is an understated part of the entrepreneurial journey.

You can’t turn back, and you can't change what has happened in the past. You can only use those experiences to move forward – to go from where you are to where you want to be.

In other words, you must keep progressing.

Progressing. Maybe that’s the one word to describe the entrepreneurial journey.

What word would you use?

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