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Easy. Just hide the scale.

A few months after my wife died, I decided to get serious about my health. Having convinced myself caffeine and sugar were the fuel my body needed, I was overweight with high blood pressure and prediabetes.

It was time to make a change.

So, I ended my 30-year hiatus from seeing a doctor, and he promptly told what I already knew – and more. In addition to exercise, my doctor recommended changes to my diet. Basically, he said to replace everything I was eating and drinking to that point (what I like) with everything I wasn’t (what I don't like).

To his surprise, and mine, I did.

A key ally was my scale. I kept it right next to the refrigerator, so it provided a visual reminder that whatever I was about to do would have consequences.

The combination of exercise and a better diet worked. As I lost weight, I looked forward to my weigh-ins. I couldn't wait to see the results!

Then, I started reverting to my old eating habits – slowly at first, then completely.

I knew I was gaining weight, so I no longer liked my weigh-in sessions. I solved this problem by moving the scale.

We do the same thing in business. It’s easy and fun to measure the results when we’re doing well, but it’s not so easy when we’re struggling.

It’s easier to just stop measuring.

Easy, but not smart.

What scale have you moved?

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