What is your brand's Kool-Aid?

It was a different time. In the mid-1950's, America was on top of the world. Our nation was enjoying The Decade of Prosperity as THE world power following the end of World War II and The Great Depression.

The Baby Boomer Generation entered the world during this time of joy and prosperity. As a member of that group, I often view the 1950s with fond memories.

We didn’t have much compared to the modern, technologically-driven world we live in today. Our parents gave us more than they had growing up, but far less than what we would give our own children.

Times were simpler.

I was reminded of this recently when my sister brought up a family visit to one of my aunts almost 60 years ago. "I loved going to visit. She was a great cook, and she gave us Kool-Aid!"

A fond memory highlighted by a powdered sugary drink combined with water.

I get it—and so should every business owner.

It wasn't the Kool-Aid that fueled those fond memories. It was the environment my Aunt created for us during our visit. She knew she wasn't making us a meal or a drink; she was creating memories.

Today, we call those memories experiences, and experiences define your brand.

As business leaders, we’re either building or destroying our brand through every contact with our team members, customers and suppliers.

Positive experiences strengthen your brand over time while negative experiences can destroy your brand overnight.

What kind of experiences do people have with your brand?

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