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I Fired Myself

I fired myself.


My company’s 2018 results.

Sales increased, but so did costs—at an unacceptable rate.

As company president, my primary responsibility is to maximize shareholder value. As the single shareholder, I don’t believe these results maximize shareholder value in the short term or long run.

So, a change has to be made. That’s why I decided to fire myself.

OK, I didn't really fire myself, but I started making changes.

First, I shared the 2018 results with the team. Good news! We grew. Bad news—so did our costs. We must do better in 2019. Immediately, team members made recommendations to improve our results.

Now, it’s up to me to make sure we follow through on those ideas. And if I don't? The sole shareholder will be forced to make a change at the top. I’m that shareholder.

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