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My 1st Chapter was His 29th

You've heard the song.

"We gotta get out while we're young 'Cause tramps like us, baby we were born to run"

The lyrics of Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen are embedded in my brain, pushed into my conscious thoughts by the unexpected private triggers that lead me to sing, mumble, hum or lip sync the lyrics to the world.

My introduction to The Boss came in 1975 when I saw his picture on the cover of TIME magazine. This led me to purchase the Born To Run album, which I played so much I thought I would wear out the album's vinyl grooves.

Born to Run is where I thought Springsteen's career began.

It didn't, of course.

His autobiography, also titled Born to Run, doesn't mention the iconic hit until chapter 29—on page 209.

His success didn’t begin on page 209. It was the result of the work he did in the previous 28 chapters. In fact, chapter 29 doesn't happen without the previous 28 paving the way.

Too often, as a business owner, I forget that.

I forget the current chapter of my business is only being written because of the chapters (i.e. decisions/actions/results) that preceded it. Every decision and action, in one way or another, influences the chapter my business is in today (and tomorrow and the day after that).

In his book, Springsteen shares some decisions he made and actions he took—some smart and some not.

We can all relate.

However, he doesn't just share what happened. He often discusses taking ownership of those decisions and actions and what he did differently as a result. Those previous events and results (good or bad) showed him better ways to accomplish what he wanted with his music.

This approach led to Springsteen making smarter decisions and taking better actions. He used the past and present to make his next chapter better than the current and previous ones.

There are lessons to be learned here.

Businesses are run by people, who sometimes make stupid decisions. Don't dwell on them or get stuck in the present.

Use those experiences, along with pride and confidence, to make your business better in the next chapter.

I can't wait for my next chapter. How about you?

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