The Printed Cover Read Neal Armstrong (Part 2)

It was supposed to read Neil, but it didn't turn out that way.

My post last month about the 1969 Auglaize County Fair Book Cover featuring Neil Armstrong had little to do with Mr. Armstrong or his name being misspelled.

I referred to the mistake to show how we often see things the way we want to see them—not the way they are.

When I wrote the post, I had no proof the cover still existed. That changed when Anita Yale Williamson found a sample of the cover and shared a photo with me. In 1986, she purchased the printing operation that had printed the 1969 cover.

I was an employee of that printing operation in 1969, and I was there when we discovered the name was spelled incorrectly.

All this time, I always thought the books with the misspelled cover never left the plant.

Frank Ulrey set me straight. He sent me this photo of the misspelled cover on public display at a McDonald's in Wapakoneta, Ohio that’s right next to the Armstrong Air & Space Museum.

How or why the Neal Armstrong cover (instead of Neil) got distributed to the public is a mystery, albeit a mystery on public display.

My guess is that most of the tens of thousands of people who have seen that cover still see Neil instead of Neal. (This reinforces my point that we tend to see things as we expect them to be - not what they really are.)

If you’re ever passing through Wapakoneta, stop at the McDonald's restaurant next to the Armstrong Air & Space Museum to check out the Armstrong memorabilia display. When you first look at the 1969 Auglaize Country Fair Book on display, what do you see? Let me know, and feel free to send me another photo.

How do you make sure you’re seeing what is happening with your business (imperfections and all) instead of what you want to see?

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