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We are all broken. Have you found your Eileen?

We’re all broken, faulted and imperfect, maybe a little or maybe a lot.

Over time, most of us cobble things back together—in our own way and with the help of others.

Others like Eileen.

Eileen was a part of my life 30 years ago.

My marriage was in shambles, and I was living in a world far, far away (geographically, relationally and socially) from how I was raised. I felt alone, lost and broken.

Eileen was my son's babysitter and watched several other kids, too. Most of their parents were struggling just like me.

Eileen created a safe zone for the kids and helped the adults, too.

Nearly every Friday night, we gathered around her kitchen table, surrounded by drinks, pizza boxes and screaming kids, for our attitude adjustment hour.

We drank, talked, laughed, cried and started to heal.

This weekly ritual allowed me to be a part of a group with others facing the same challenges, or even worse. They were getting through their situations, so I knew I could get through mine.

The kids grew up, our personal experiences changed, and we all moved on. Decades later, I lost contact with Eileen.

Recently, I found out she passed away months earlier. It was too late to fully express my gratitude for everything she had done for me and my family.

If you’re fortunate enough to have an Eileen in your life, let them know how much they mean to you before it’s too late.

If you are someone's Eileen, know that your actions will have a positive impact for decades and even generations to come. I may not know you or what good you have done. But if you’re someone’s Eileen, I thank you.

So, who is your Eileen? Who has helped you through broken personal and entrepreneurial relationships, dreams and defeats?


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