I'm watching the same play each day from a different view... Are you?

There are some days it seems like I'm watching the same play from a different seat for a slightly different view.

In business, some people refer to this process as "the grind." For me, it’s the result of owning and operating the same business for nearly 20 years: selling the same products and services out of the same office set-up to the same customers. (Thank you, loyal customers!)

Sure, every day isn’t a clone of the day before, but over time, the similarities are striking. This sameness prompted my analogy about watching the same play every day from a different seat.

I sense some of you feel the same way and have taken steps to address this monotonous routine. I hope you have some good ideas and insights that you’re willing to share with fellow business owners.

First, I’ll share some of mine: 1). Changing My Role: Increasingly, my activities involve

working *on* the business instead of working *in* the business (i.e. day-to-day operations). Some working on the business examples include contingency planning, improving profitability and strengthening customer and supplier relationships. These fresh tasks present new challenges, sparking a renewed energy.

2). Delegating Decisions: Different people have different

points of view. We can all be looking at the same situation and come up with different ways to deal with it. For 16 years, I was the only person involved in day-to-day operations at my business, so I see situations through the lens of my experiences. Today, I’m involving members of my team in more decisions, so I’m receiving new perspectives and fresh insights on mundane tasks.

3). Changing Scenery: I’ve worked out of the same office for

nearly twenty years. It’s familiar, comfortable and has inspired high levels of productivity through the years. As I move out of day-to-day operations, I need to tap into my creativity more. With a laptop and an internet connection, I can work virtually anywhere. Recently, Starbucks has become a secondary work site for me. Changing my location has provided me with renewed energy even while completing some of the same tasks I’ve handled for years.

How do you energize your routine?

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