I Am Not Procrastinating

Well, not all the time.

There are times I don't act, but it’s not because I’m procrastinating.

I’m just figuring it all out.

Sometimes, this requires time, or information or a different perspective.

Taking time to think is not associated with the stereotypical entrepreneur: acting on gut reactions, making immediate decisions and taking immediate action.

In addition, delaying a decision flies in the face of our instant gratification, on-demand world.

Everyone expects everything, including products and services, NOW. We don't want to wait on anything, especially decisions.

I get it. Often, I’m tempted to decide in the moment, so I can quickly move on to the next decision. However, experience shows me that my best decisions were made over time.

When I need to think a situation through, I use the code phrase, “I’ll figure it out.”

As I started and expanded our team, I’ve changed the phrase to, “we'll figure it out.” Usually, we do—with a better solution than we would have come up with if we acted in the moment.

Do you like to make snap decisions or think things through?

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