What Do Business Owners Own?

Runners run.

Walkers walk.

Writers write, and singers sing.

Mothers, well, mother.

And business owners own.

What exactly do we own?

I tell people that I own and operate a branded merchandise business. In other words, we print logos on nearly anything to help promote businesses.

While this description is true, it refers to the products my business offers. What I actually own are the decisions made and actions taken—from the day I started my business until now.

I’m not talking about results. You (or me or anyone else) can’t control results. We can only control the decisions made and actions taken to obtain our desired results. This is a crucial distinction to make.

When we own our decisions and actions (good and bad), we can learn from them and apply that knowledge to our future endeavors.

When we don't own them, we’re more likely to repeat our previous choices and fail to adapt to ever-changing business conditions.

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