Exorcise Your Demons

Every business owner experiences stress, anxiety and doubt.

Exercise is the most common prescription we’re given, which usually helps. Yet, sometimes it’s not enough.

When exercise doesn’t work, consider exorcise.We associate this word with casting demons out of a person or place.

However, business owners can suffer from a similar condition when we harbor negative thoughts, doubts and anxieties in our minds.

These thoughts are damaging, harmful, and if allowed to remain, will ultimately lead to our financial, relational, emotional and physical demise.

The cure? Cast them out.

Here’s how:

1). Write them out. Expressing your demon thoughts on paper can bring you relief.

2). Talk them out. Verbalizing your negative thoughts can remove them from your mind and free up space for more productive thinking.

3). Shout them out. Yell or shout your stressful thoughts, so you can deal with them and move on to more productive activities. I love this option, but it does work best in private!

There have been critical times in my business when I’ve allowed too many demons to reside in my mind, which has led to some of my most regretful decisions.

I own my body and mind, so I’m in control of my thoughts. When mine become destructive, I shout them out.

I feel better as soon as I’ve evicted these hostile tenants, and you will too. Note that my situation doesn’t change when I cast out my demons; my viewpoint does. Hope replaces despair, and I feel empowered.

Exorcising my stressful, anxious and negative thoughts allows me to take better actions and make better decisions.

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