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9 Slots Filled, What Will Be #10?

As I write this post, Phil's Tracks is more than halfway through its 3rd season, and I have already introduced 9 of my top 10 albums all time. Starting with my very first episode, I assigned an album rating for the Maintrack (album) for that episode. Based on 5 maximum 5 stars. The criteria has changed as time went on, and is now as follows:

***** Top 10 Album All Time

**** Top 100, Outside the Top 10

***Not Top 100

** Like only one song

* Album meant for someone, not meant for me.

To date, I have announced 9 of my top 10 5 Star Albums. Leaving room for only one more....unless I relegate one to 4 stars....and yes in Episode #72 I will announce what album will be relegated.

Here are the current 5 Star Albums and the corresponding Phil's Tracks Episode.

#3 Jethro Tull Aqulung

#4 Meat Loaf Bat Out of Hell

#26 Moody Blues Days of Future Passed

#32 Bruce Springsteen Darkness On The Edge Of Town

#33 This House Is Not For Sale Bon Jovi

#36 Hot August Night Neil Diamond

#37 Michael Stanley Band Stage-Pass

#53 The Best of The Guess Who


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