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I have a fresh message and delivery crafted specifically for small business owners and organization leaders.

Be Significant celebrates the relative size of small business. This message is not about getting bigger; it’s about being significant. I’ve crafted it based on valuable real world experience: 10 years as a business coach and 18 years as a business owner.

Be Significant is personal. All business owners, and their businesses, are unique. My presentation identifies those elements that make each business unique and how they can be leveraged to make the business better, more impactful, and more significant.

Here’s what attendees are saying:

“Phil is dynamic and entertaining besides having great info to say.

One of the best presentations I have attended in a long time.”


“Great insight.”


“Great presentation, very passionate and fluid.”


“Loved the passion Phil brought to this. Best presentation I've attended!”


“Phil's enthusiasm is contagious.”



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